About Me

Welcome All 🙂

I’m Srini, hailing from Gobi, a town in Tamil Nadu (India) and currently working as a Technology Analyst at Infosys Technologies Limited. Pencil sketching is one of my hobbies and my mom is my inspiration. Still I remember those days when I was a kid where she use to hold my hands and teach me how to draw with slate pencils. Whenever I think about it, it makes me smile with lot of happiness (also use to feel little nostalgic though, I miss those days, but who doesn’t) which nothing can buy me. I like to draw Madhubani Art style sketches as I find it touch interesting and attractive. My other hobbies are listening to music, reading books, playing video games (very often), watching movies (a lot of them) and writing Tamil poems (@ http://kavithaichsaaral.wordpress.com). I have a competitor in home and its my kid sister. I always find it tough to beat her. When I do something, immediately she will come up with an awesome art and I’ll end up gazing at her. Well! I admire her too, a lot.

Though I’m keep exploring lot of art mediums, doing some rich work of pencil sketches always gives a satisfaction which none other gives. Any form of art moulds a soul and any level of work done by a human will always remain dearer to them, irrespective of others likes or dislikes. Because no other knows the moment being spent with an art work better than the artist. No ones world is lesser to anyone, and welcome to my world 🙂

A blog of journey with my pencil sketches!


2 responses

  1. sathyageetha

    its nice da ddda dadddddddddadaaaadda

    May 9, 2013 at 12:11 pm

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