Pencil Sketch – A Wish

Moments I would like to remember:

I promised a sketch for my cousins B’ day a year back, well, I did it only now for her house warming function 😀 I can sense her baring teeth 😀  But wow, this work took lot of my effort and I hope she and her family will like it :). Plenty of things have happened in span of 4 to 6 months since my last post, some memories are sweet and some are bitter. And it bound to happen with everyone’s life isn’t it. Met few wonderful people and got contacts of some of my old friends (courtesy, Facebook :D), explored few art mediums, travelled to several places, learnt few dishes for cooking ;), furnished my house, got lot of nose-cuts (which always happens with me, with the kind of memory I have :D), enjoyed few good movies, etc. etc.. Have undergone lot of transformation as an individual and made it as a habit to visit my grandparents whenever possible.

One of the sad parts of life is, people gets older and eventually leave this world (which can’t be avoided). Well, it’s always been compensated with new dear ones coming into life, but some cannot be replaced. Grandparents are one such and every one of us might have had tons of lovable moments with them. My grandparents got older now, so it just feels like to spend much time with them when they are here, rather than feeling about all the missed moments later. Between I tried to write staff selection commission exam, but only to know how terrible I’m in GK 😀

I was thinking about several concepts before starting this work and settled with one which resolves around my cousin’s family. I have a sketch book with me where I use to scribble several design patterns and decided to use some of those in this work. It took 3 weeks to complete (did some full nights too out of involvement :D, can’t help you know ;)) and while sketching, accidentally discovered few effects which I’m planning to use in next work :D. I could have done little better in few areas. Nevertheless, I like this work of mine and hope you all will 🙂

Art Concept

Concept is simple, my cousin has a younger sister and I want to wish them to live happily ever. Made that wish as an art (that’s the title too) 🙂 it’s a concept that involves her family. Below is the concept, as a poem.

P.S:  I have never written an English poem before so please bear :D, use to write lot of Tamil Poems though :).

Be it day, be it night
your beloved ones are always there.
Mom is home; Mom gives shelter;
makes you comfort that none can match.
Dad is there like a tree
wind or flood, will wipe them out.
Elders are there like a sun
with their blessings all day long.
A guy with charm like a moon
Gonna make you his life, it’s not so far.
Friends are here like the flowers
some stay close; will play along
some stay far; yet shower their love
treasures for you, never let them go.
You two girls live the life;
Keep yourself so happy;
like this day, life so long.

Art Work

A Wish

with frame,

A Wish - with Frame

Materials Used:

A white drawing chart (54.32 cm (Height) x 79.02 cm (Width)) glued to chart board.

Lead Thickness Brand Name
2 Creatacolor Black   Dry Pastel
2 Creatacolor Sepia   Dark and Light Dry Pastel
2 Creatacolor Sanguine   Dry
2 Creatacolor Nero   Medium
Stick Creatacolor Sepia   Dark Dry Pastel
2 Creatacolor Charcoal
2H, 2B Camlin Graphite   Pencils
4B, 6B Apsara Graphite   Pencils
Pointed Tip Cello CD   Marker
N/A N/A Paper   Pencil (for smudging)

Pencil sketch – Gratitude to Divinity

Title Picture:

Story Behind:

While renovating our house, me and my sister came up with this idea of drawing some good paintings and hang up in walls. I thought of drawing some traditional indian pictures and found this pattern in internet. I showed it to my friends and they felt it will be awesome if I pull this one, and I just decided to give it a try. The pattern I took was not that clear hence I had to fill up my ideas in between. It took me 4 days (8 hours approximately a day) to complete this and wow, it came good! It was an awesome experience in drawing this one and thanks to my little sister for giving it a title (“Gratitude to Divinity”).

Materials Used:

1. A2 size drawing sheet

2. Camlin drawing pencils,

  • HB, 2B -> for very light and light shades respectively
  • 4B -> for linings and dark shades
  • 9B -> for very dark shades

Drawing Samples:

Here we go,